Sustainability is the new imperative in business. As we consider pollution, global climate change and forest reduction, it is important that all of our business decisions are made only after careful consideration has been given to the impact on the environment.

Studies reveal that consumers are increasingly concerned about packaging waste and Two C Pack is committed to helping your brand’s packaging meet today’s standards of sustainability.

We believe in environmental stewardship in all facets of business. Over the last few years we have implemented many initiatives, including geothermal heating and cooling, 100% wind power, zero landfill status, FSC® & SFI® certifications, energy efficient lighting, and waste reduction strategies.

Equally important, we have a staff of knowledgeable and dedicated employees who can assist you in the many facets of sustainable packaging.

Why Sustainable Packaging?

Here are additional reasons you should consider sustainable packaging for your brand’s product:

  • Consumer Demand – Sustainability is a growing concern for consumers worldwide. Increasingly, they look to business rather than government for environmental solutions.
  • Consumer Awareness – Packaging waste is a “hot button” issue. It is the fastest growing concern among environmentally conscious consumers — beating global warming, pollution and water quality. It’s estimated that over 40% of landfill mass is made up of packaging waste.
  • Cost Efficiencies – Not only is most sustainable packaging cost-neutral but often it creates efficiencies through optimal design and source reduction, waste minimization and reduced shipping costs — all of which result in economic savings.
  • Positive Brand Image – Multiple studies have shown that a consumer’s perception of a company changes in relation to how the company handles its environmental affairs. By embracing sustainable packaging a brand can retain customers and open up new market opportunities.
  • Reduces Risk – In today’s litigious world, acting to protect the environment can limit your risk exposure and reduce risk for shareholders.

Environmental Mission Statement

We are committed to a role of environmental stewardship in all facets of our business * We will consider the environmental impact of our products and activities while understanding that we need to provide quality packaging that meets our customer‘s needs and expectations * We will take action to mitigate our ecological impact through responsible sourcing of product, the use of renewable energy, recycling, waste reduction, energy and water conservation, and promoting action and awareness. * We will continually educate ourselves and our partners in understanding sustainable practices.